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Coffee Drinkers Are Becoming More Selective in the Age of Having Too Many Caffeinated Options


There is a difference between good coffee and bad coffee, good caffeine and bad caffeine.  The American population has become heavily addicted to caffeinated options including coffee, espresso, energy drinks, energy shots, and everything in between.  But people won't drink just anything anymore to get their energetic buzz on, especially if they don't have to.

Over the past handful of years, coffee drinkers have become more selective in their coffee brews. There is a trend moving away from cheap, low-grade coffees while Americans are craving the taste of higher quality gourmet blends as the every-changing and complicated wants of our population continues to progress forward.

If you think passing off a cheap truck-stop coffee that tastes like bottom-of-the-pot burnt grounds is still acceptable, think again.  Even if you run a truck stop, customers want better coffee.  If you have it, they'll keep coming back for it as if they're addicted to crack.

What if it didn't cost you any more for a higher-grade gourmet blend than the cheap, low-grade blend you may have been offering to your customers all these years?  Are you willing to risk your customers going elsewhere for a better tasting, better caffeinated coffee?  Especially during a time when it's so easy to go to any fast food chain to get a better cup of Joe at a better price?

"It's just coffee," you may be tempted to say.  And perhaps you're right.  It's just coffee.  But as the tastes of the average consumer becomes more complicated -- requiring a better flavor and a better, smoother "energy buzz" than other lower-grade products offer -- not offering a better coffee to your customers will eventually bite you in the bank account.

We've become addicted to caffeine due to added the excessive daily demands that most of us have to accomplish to stay ahead of the game.  Not any coffee or caffeine option will cut it anymore and people aren't willing to waste their daily serving of caffeine on just "any" coffee.

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